Product Description

We have been working on a Timing, Price & Volatility (TP&V) product for the past few years. It combines inputs on fundamentals, market positioning, policy and cycles.

This service is a culmination of our four disciplines, the pillars of IDEAglobal's work in the past 20 years:

1) Policy: Proprietary work with policymakers globally and with our advisers for the past ten years. Particularly good insights into European policymaking dynamics.

2) Markets: Through our core client base we attain a close understanding of market positioning and develop a 'reaction function' to key events, which provides guidance on shifts in sentiment and price action.

3) Fundamentals: Fundamental research and forecasting of the G20 economies for over 20 years and emerging markets for over 10 years.

4) Timing: Proprietary work on a combination of cycles tested for the past two years, incorporating technical analysis and market sentiment studies.

The two-year testing of the combined process that has produced the TP&V shows a high degree of accuracy in calling heightened stress or volatility in specific instruments and markets. It proves slightly less successful in direction and price targets (albeit still very successful compared to other approaches).

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